Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving I

We spent Thanksgiving with my good friend Sarah Rackham Scherbel, her husband Paul, and their four girls: Carrie, Sydney, Lauren, and Rachel. We had so much fun!

While everyone else enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast, Asher had his usual--bananas and yogurt.

Sarah and I made a great team. Sarah did all of the hard stuff --turkey, homemade rolls, three kinds of pie (apple, chocolate silk, and pumpkin), cinnamon rolls, stuffing, and gravy. Matthew and I brought mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole. It was delicious! Oh, and did I mention that Sarah is six-months pregnant with her 5th child???

Lauren was very friendly and snuggly. She made friends with Matthew right away.


Julie said...

I am sooo....glad that you did this!!! I love having our blogs to keep a part of our children's and grandchildren's daily lives. Thanks Matt and Heide. XOXOXO Mom

marisalea said...

When you said that you just started one, I thought just meant something like last week, not 3 months ago!
I love the pictures! It is funny you and Annie were pregs together last time and now you and I are pregs together! You need to come to Anita's for New Years!

Jamie said...

That kid is too freakin cute! I love that you have a blog, since keeping in touch by email doesn't seem to be your thing :)
Pencil me in for July- I'll be in DC and am totally coming to visit!