Thursday, March 19, 2009

little update

We have had a fun week so far. I took the Praxis 2 subject assessment test last Sat. and am preparing for the Praxis 1 this Sat. Asher and I went to visit Heide at work yesterday. The office threw a nice little shower for her and a colleague who is due in a few weeks. Asher actually got more presents than Ruth. His favorite is a board book w/ wheels - a magical combination of his 2 favorite things in the whole world. 

  After the baby shower Asher fell asleep and I went to the visit Smithsonian's Asian collection. I had seen an article in the post  (,1153309.html# ) and it looked really beautiful. I really like the wabi sabi concept/ serendipity in general, and these little dishes kind of inhabit that space. They are gorgeous in person.  I don't know; the idea of taking something broken and transforming it into something even more beautiful than the original spoke to me.  Freer apparently was good friends with Whistler and along side all the ancient pottery etc. there is a fabulous collection of his paintings.  I enjoyed that until Ash woke up.
  He is getting another tooth - his fifth - at this rate he'll still be teething in gradeschool.  Asher is also flexing his word power latley.  Today instead of reading him the animal book, I let him point to and label stuff.  He has cow down pretty well now.  He is repeating new words all the time.  I'd say he has between 40 and 50 at  his disposal.  Yesterday he took to calling his scooter "wa-ho...wa-hey!"  (It says that when you press one of the buttons.)  This week he recognized the state of his bottom for the first time.  He came up to me with a diper and said boo-pooh.  Maybe we'll video him at some point in the near future - the problem is, he never does anything on command.  We'll see.


coleen said...

Thanks for the update. We miss you guys and are so happy that things are going well. Please post video when you can. I miss that sweet face. The boys ask about him and include him in their prayers often. Can't wait to see baby Ruth.

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marisalea said...

I was lucky that VT accepts ACT and SAT scores instead of Praxis 1 scores. I am so done with taking tests; after 3 subject tests I am really glad that VT doesn't require the pedagogy one.

I want more prego pictures of Heide!